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Marketing Exclusive Properties
LandLeader® is an innovative real estate marketing company aimed at providing national advertising, strategic marketing, cooperative media buys, and cutting edge real estate listing services for participating brokerage members. By implementing this unique platform, Tarrant & Harman Outdoor Properties can offer our clients the best land marketing in the country to supplement our own local real estate marketing and expertise.

In short, LandLeader® helps Tarrant & Harman Outdoor Properties sell more land.

We strategically promote our members’ properties for sale through a complete marketing plan, including listings on hundreds of websites, national television commercials, magazines, email newsletters, online banners, catalogs and much more. By offering more marketing and advertising for our properties than other real estate companies, it is natural that we sell more. Our member-owned type of structure offers a vested interest for fellow members to succeed, therefore driving each other to be better at what we do. From training to strategy sessions, idea sharing to group forums, our team strives to outperform the competition day in and day out.